Why Our Social Media Strategy Doesn’t Include Facebook

How can a company that specializes in social media strategy not hold a presence in the most popular social network on the planet? Simple – we have no strategically sound reason to be there. Yet.

We believe in the appropriate use of communication channels for desired, measurable outcomes. Many times, Facebook becomes a work around for a variety of reasons. A website that is less than user-friendly. An antiquated CMS that can’t handle interactivity. The overuse of email and the rallies that ‘no one reads email anymore’. We all have our reasons why we initially feel the need to be on Facebook. But what are we, and better yet, our communities, getting out of our presence? How are we measuring our involvement there?

We see Facebook’s value in the creation and maintenance of communities. As a fairly new company, we’re currently active building our community. Instead of just being there to be there, we’re in other places doing outreach, adding to conversations and learning from our prospective clients and colleagues.

We’re actively using other ways to engage and build our audience that are more appropriate at this stage of our company life cycle. Take this blog post for example. We hope that the content we create draws in an audience that we can discuss topics with such as this. Tidal hopes to build readership and spread useful ideas.

Further, we communicate and learn via Twitter. We want to be a part of conversations that other people start. In certain ways, Facebook puts up walls around our content. Via Twitter, we’re more likely to stumble into content areas via searches and hash tags than we would be in Facebook. Instead of walling in our garden or keeping it a secret, we’d rather help others sow theirs by spreading knowledge.

This is not to say that we’ll never use Facebook as a brand. We hope to build an engaged community around the topic of social marketing via social media and communication strategy. As we cultivate those people, we’ll leave Facebook alone. We hope one day to build value around this topic and share information within our community on a dedicated Facebook platform.

It’s not ‘never’, it’s just ‘not right now’.