Lead Generation Emails: A Cautionary Tale

Since starting Tidal, we’ve been getting a lot of emails and messages on LinkedIn for various B2B services. Social media have made it easier for organizations to find relevant targets and develop relationships with potential business leads. When used well, these technologies can be very helpful. But when used poorly, this could just make your organization look self-serving and out of touch. 

Meet one recent offender. This message came through recently from a Director of Corporate Communication (names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

Subject line: Marketing

Hey Velma,

I’m with a company that does a lot of high level content marketing online. We have helped a lot of people continue to be relevant in how they promote content with various levels of effective outreach. A byproduct of what we do continues to increase quality inbound links that grows and maintains google page rankings, website authority, etc. I would love it if I could share some of our ideas with you. Please let me know when we can chat.

Scooby Doo

Director of Corporate Communication

AWESOME Marketing



 What’s not working here? Let’s dissect it.

 Subject Line: This subject line is incredibly vague. It doesn’t describe what kind of marketing or what value this organization can bring to Tidal’s overall business goals.

 Connection: We’re always a little curious about how these companies find us. Is there a connection between the sender and our co-founders? Does this company support organizations like ours with similar missions? They could have used LinkedIn to do research on our company to customize the pitch. “Cold calling” is never easy, and picking out what connects this company to Tidal will help open the door to a conversation.

 Priorities: By priorities, we mean who/what is the priority in this message. Are our needs the priority or the company sending the message? This message spends a lot of time telling us what they can do, but little time understanding our unique business challenge and offering to help. Researching our company on our website or mining LinkedIn would have been a good idea.

Lead generation can be difficult, but using information you can find through LinkedIn helps make your pitch relevant and increases your chances of making a meaningful connection.


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