Krywosa, IMC

“How do I get more followers?” is something we are force-fed often via the interwebs. But, when recently contemplating the same question personally, it took some thought on my part.

Number one was the question of why more followers? What does this provide to you and how does it fit in with your social media goals? ‘To reach more people’ isn’t really a focused goal, but rather ‘reach more people who influence my job search/my community/who donate/etc’ is. For me personally, I do not want to gain followers for vanity or silly Klout score sake, but rather, to know that what I’m doing is relevant and that I’m providing something of value to the community at large. And, most of all, to find like-minded people to follow and discuss great content with.

I set out not to gain followers, but to provide content that would benefit a certain niche of people. People…

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