Stop Reacting to Facebook: Just Do Great Work


We’ve all heard about Facebook’s introduction of graph search this week, correct? Instead of recapping the bazillion articles criticizing, praising or questioning what could be a boon for Facebook, let’s discuss why this should not affect whatever you’re doing with Facebook – or any other web based content – currently.

1. Create Great Content.

This should be a given but often bears repeating. Just posting to post wont bode well for keeping the attention span of your audience. It doesn’t need to be over thought  but relevant, timely content always is best. Creative is the tip top of this content spectrum, but even what you may consider mundane is great if it serves the community’s purpose. Always consider them when posting content, no matter where that may be.

2. Post That Content Often.

It’s a no brainer for search engines as well as relevancy that posting this content often is hugely important. There is no hard and fast rule to when or how much. Be as post happy as you would like so long as that content fits the above criteria of timely and relevant to your community or those you wish to attract to your community. If you find that its very difficult for you to produce such content, maybe it is time to reconsider your strategy.

3. Make That Content Shareable. 

More often than not, we have great ideas, create a great piece of content, and then forget the most important piece: marketing. A great example is video content: you can put all of your effort, time and money into creating a fantastic, timely and relevant video, but how will your audience find it? Email? Social media posts? Where will it live? Your website? YouTube? Viddler? Equally as important as the how to this question is the where. Where will this piece of content live and how will you measure its traffic and shares?

4. Measure That Content to Ensure That It’s Great. 

You may think that it’s great, but is it? How does your audience respond to the topic? The method of delivery? The type of media? How often was it shared? How will you decide what ‘great’ content is determined by? You need to set this expectation at the very beginning. Knowing what your audience desires in each of these areas can save you a lot of work in the long run.

By now we know it is the nature of the Internet to change. The same is absolutely true for social media platforms, networks, mobile and the range of electronic tools at our communication and marketing disposal. We can weather these changes much easier if we are already following integrated marketing strategies, and by ‘just doing great work’.


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